A highly concentrated formula that when applied to specific dark spot areas works to minimse and erase dark spots and pigmentation.

Using the latest ‘Melanolight Process’ technology; an exclusive innovation from the laboratories of Germaine de Capuccini. This product works to prevent, regulate and correct pigmentation and darkspots in specific areas.

Is this product right for me?
Please read the Timexpert White Home Care programmes below to discover which combination of products are right for you:

To Prevent Pigmentation:
Use the Timexpert White Spot Correction Cream SPF20 daily, morning and night, for at least two months a year.

For Moderate Pigmentation:
Apply a few drops of the Timexpert White Spot Intense Serum and then apply the Timexpert White Spot Correction Cream SPF20  morning and night.

For Severe Pigmentation:
Apply the Timexpert White Spot Intense Serum in the morning and then the Timexpert Spot Correction Cream SPF20. At night, apply Spot Diminish on each darkspot and then the Spot Correction Cream SPF20.

Providing your skin is not very sensitive – use the Timexpert White Clarifying Milk to cleanse your skin with, – containing a small percentage of Glycolic Acid – it works at a deep level and is specifically formulated for skin with pigmentation.