To directly address the problems of puffiness and bags under the eye area, with a slight tint, the product has an incredible effect to minimise imperfections and shadows straight away.

Cellular fatigue in the eye area can be attributed to Glucose not used by the body, excess Glucose become ‘Glycotoxins’ which age the skin over time, and this together with the normal stresses of life (tiredness, alcohol, environmental aggressions,  provide the skin with a dull, tired and pallid tone.  This is particularly evident in the sensitive area around the eyes.  The amount of glucose we ingest through our diet has been increasing over recent years as we eat more processed food, drink more alcohol etc.

The laboratories at GdC have been working to counteract the effects of ‘cellular fatigue’.  One way of doing this is to protect the melatonin, a molecule that is found in different parts of the body and particularly in the skin.  With a host of new and exciting natural ingredients, the eyes look more relaxed. less stressed, the skin becomes smoother and bags under the eyes are diminished.  ‘Albizia Extract’ included in its formulation directly works against the signs of fatigue associated with glycosylation, detoxifying the cells, rebalancing the synthesis of melatonin in the fibroblasts.  Also included, ‘Caffeine’ with a great draining and micro-circulation stimulating power.  The product contains Optical Diffusers – that correct the shadows under the eyes, illuminating the eye area.  With the inclusion of ‘Pro Liftine’  the eyes look ‘lifted’, rejuvenating the area.

As in the rest of the SRNS line, it contains Zinc Glycene Complex + RC Advanced to optimise the  skin’s ability to defend and regenerate itself, and Hyaluronic Acid with a high molecular weight to prevent water loss and protect the skin.

With a special metallic applicator, provides a sensation of freshness and helps to activate the lymphatic micro-circulation.

Tests on 95 women, aged 30 – 72 years of age, over a one period show:

  • More uniform and luminous skin 93.7%
  • Immediate revitalisation of the eye contour 86.3%
  • Signs of fatigue reduced 80%
  • Faded bags under the eyes 72.8%
  • Reduction of puffiness 62.5%