Packed with Retinol / Pure Vitamin A, one of the most active ingredients in the fight against skin ageing and specifically in wrinkle reduction.Timexpert Rides Retinage Filler works filling in the wrinkle from inside. Retinage Filler is a pure beauty concentrate with a rich and silky texture.
The laboratories at Germaine de Capuccini have created a sophisticated encapsulating technique which they call “Bio Reserve Delivery System (Bio RDS), which is pure Retinol liberated in a controlled & progressive way on the cells with a long term effect, basically – its a powerful reserve of Retinol that continues to stimulate the cells for hours after its application multiplying its effectiveness in a very clever and sophisticated way.
Retinage Filler works on all the signs of ageing on mature skin and especially on deeper wrinkles, deeply filling them in and correcting them working directly on the origin of the problem, the dermis – reconstruction and volumising,  and the epidermis, with cellular renewal.

Spectacular Results can be seen in a matter of days, a change and improvement in the texture of the skin is perceived, an improvement to the signs of wrinkles, firmness , smoothness and luminosity are all reported.

Paraben Free / Dermatologist tested on sensitive skin.

Recommended for:

  • Mature skin with lines/wrinkles