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An intensive retexturing concentrate with a light and creamy texture that bases its excellent results on the combination of a renewing action with an anti-ageing, ultra-hydrating and restoring action to the skin, working at the heart of the cells for a deeply renewing process, leaving the skin fresh and vital in its appearance.

RENEWING ACTION: Exfoliant complex: Papain, Castanea Sativa Extract and Glycolic Acid encapsulated in cyclodextrines for a progressive and controlled renewing action, that with the inclusion of Phragmites Kharka extract with its anti-inflammatory effect makes it possible for this product to be perfectly suitable for sensitive skin.
RESTORING ACTION: It’s powerful ingredients help the skin to restore its optimal hydration level, resulting in smoother, supple skin, optimising the skin’s natural defences.


  1. The skin’s texture and tone improve notably.
  2. Wrinkles & expression lines fade.
  3. The complexion looks brighter and more luminous.
  4. Skin is deeply hydrated.
  5. The complexion is visibly rejuvenated.

This Super Concentrate is perfect to use when the skin looks dull and tired as it renews at the deepest levels.

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