Perfect for skin which is dry, looks tired and dull.  Extreme has a considerable revitalising action and deeply nourishes the skin.

For an extra ‘boost’ is needed, consider using the Synergyage Booster Concentrate underneath the Extreme for a month.  This will help the dryness and renew the skin at the heart of the cells.

Containing Royal Jelly, an exceptional elixir from nature and Poria Cocos extract –  a fungus with extraordinary benefits to the skin both of which go to the heart of the cells and work in synergy.
The skin is constantly subjected to situations of external stress; ultraviolet radiation, pollution, daily hygiene, environmental humidity etc, and all of these reduce the skin’s defence capacity and disrupt epidermal integrity.  All in all, the external stress can weaken the epidermal cohesion and leads to the loss of resilience in the skin.
The newly formulated Royal Jelly line, containing three products, works to restore the skin’s resilience and keep the skin looking more youthful, fresh and radiant.

  • Choose COMFORT for normal skin
  • OR  EXTREME for dry/very dry skin.

Consider Cleansing and Toning using the new Royal Jelly all in one Melting Make-up Remover/Lotion.