Our Hydracure line has been formulated especially for skin which is dehydrated.  Dehydrated skin needs moisture – not oil, and treating skin with dehydration must be done, to be successful, very specifically.  Our Hydracure line covers all skin types as well:

  1. Combination / Problematic
  2. Normal/Dry
  3. Very Dry

So depending on your skin type choose the right cream for your skin type.

A cream with a light silky texture that adds moisture to the skin, not oil.  It therefore adds hydration to the skin whilst balancing the underlying problems.  It is easy to spread and rapidly absorbed.  It does not leave any oily residue and its concentration of microspheres with lactic acid allows it to immediately absorb the sebum on the skin’s surface, achieving a healthy and fresh look – and no shine!
For skin with a tendency towards oiliness, cleanse and tone morning and night with:

  • Facial Purifying Cleansing Gel from our Options Line or our Purexpert Extra Comfort Cleansing Gel
  • Tone using the Purexpert Refining Essence for normal/combination skin