Our Hydracure line has been formulated especially for skin which is dehydrated.  Dehydrated skin needs moisture – not oil, and treating skin with dehydration must be done, to be successful, very specifically.  Our Hydracure line covers all skin types as well:

  1. Combination / Problematic
  2. Normal/Dry
  3. Very Dry

So depending on your skin type choose the right cream for your skin type.

A superb cream which is excellent for skin which is normal/dry. Provides immediate well being as well as intense lasting hydration.  A luxurious formula that you can use morning and night.  Adds moisture but not oil to the skin.
Ideally your routine should include;

  • Cleansing and toning morning and evening with the Total Comfort Cleanser and Toner from the Options Line, or you could use the Naturae Cleanser and Toner (Naturae Line).
  • Exfoliate once every 7/10 days with our Exfoliating Facial Scrub which feels delicious with a menthol aroma and feel.  Exfoliating will remove the dead skin cells and allow your subsequent products to penetrate effectively.  Your skin looks fresh and clear and limits congestion.
  • From the age of 25 we would recommend you use an Eye product – to prevent and minimise dark shadows, fine lines & wrinkles.  Germaine de Capuccini offer a superb selection of eye products for various concerns.

Perfect for skin which is normal/dry and for any age group